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Missouri Tragedy

Judge Sees No Trial In Arlington

School Suit

To Decide Soon On Case After Floyd Merga: a fur

Hearing 5 Hours _ sthe fire

PLAICO. Mo... Jub

10 persons

killed im a fire rough a hon

here ton!


Lone Puxico is 125 on > . Louis tn southeest Mosse:

near Ponlar Bluft


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Of Arguments

By Connie Feeley af’ Reporter

Federal District Judge A\l- ‘4 ) bert V. Bryan indicated he would hand down his deci- escap sion in the Arlington school integration suit without a formal trial after hearing five hours of arguments yes-


-_ yr'Te

Bortha Rogie

10 Feared Dead in Fire

at Home tor the A ged §

sorte eit

ey Wieved

wanaties op ie the gregrieter, Wrs peut Di. and ner 3}eera aid gandsem David


nirs ws iv ueorre

ricrtTy ¥ ?

grine The Dames were oul ef com ml ik ‘wewtory frame Wilting Deiere vere i> peeret. WSeluteer firemen net cea aMmone wmesuide eT” fed > oe

the fliene= be



- ~~ 7,0 ; ~ tha fia Zz

PCr PVE. Lae erry

Georgetown Student Bas One

terday by lawyers

The ted announce. ment from ti bench in the crowded Alexandria courtroom came after for both; sid@s agreed on the basic facts in the presented during the session

Bryan told attorneys and &5 PORTLAND spectators that his decision can Res uers today be expected “within a few '*#*! of 19 mountam chmbere days.” The case is a test of the ™ostly teenagers, from the application of the state's segre- sjopes of Mount Hood where

ation policies to Nor Vir. Tope@ together at the 20.500 + ech orthern Vit- oot level, they had slid 2000

E> at feet down the ics Virginia's Attor . so tery Almond Seed Coniet i, 2 coe ryan the filing of the Federal - - Court lawsuit was “premature” Ly ae, © since the plaintiffs had not ex- mont, wes | lied * pratted hausted remedies available ~~ ae a anes Con - through administrative chan- a + eo > ~~ . ok on quae ton at Ge a" bye we Al at yw aa other ag suffered broken ‘vancement of Colored People 5 wy ge asserted they had been stymied, . in trying to get the School The body of Mass Kaufman Board to act on integration. who was midwey along the The NAACP brought was brought down ai action in behalf of approxi today : mately 235 plaintiffs, mostly Suzanne Blum ao! Baldv mn Negroes, but including some \- ¥~ 294 Susan Stein of Baw white persons, more, Md. were injured In defending the Arlington ously. Miss Blum suffered School Board and Superintend. {"actures and Miss Stem ent T. Edward Rutter, Almond ‘a@ctured spine was acting in behalf of officials The cimmbers mempDr! who once had opened the door ‘¢ American Hoste! Asseci to the limited integration en- U0". Were Gescending the moun visioned under the Graw Com- t#!m when two of them sipped mission's pupil assignment They dragged the others down plan. The vouths were led by Car ; That door was closed by the >C®moor of Portland, Ore. a tate and the General Assem- ews and Clark Coliege stu bly passed a law taking away S¢™t. AU were fastened to riington'’s right to have an gcther by a single 1204loot rope lective schoo! board One of the injured was An attorney for the NAACP Ronaid G. Hemrich 28 © pottswood W. Robinson I11,/4™@or in the Georgetown im oted that the suit is brought’ vers!) Foreign School. Hem vainst the School Board in its Tich, whose home is in Cigar Orporate status. But he said Lake, lowa game Ww George e organization is “trying Ww town in 1955 after ateendme pring the State in line with Mason (ity (owa) Jumer Oe) ne i Constitution.” ege He had been living at Almohd said Virginia is 1726 17th st. mw restling with the problem of ‘2 New York, Miler Moore maintaining its public schoo! president of the American stem. “Everybody knows Youth Hostel, said thal the ac at. isolated from the sup- cident on Mount Hood was the port of the people, _it cannot first such mishap im the 20 urvive.” he said. That sup- years that climbing the meun sort. he declared, involves seg- tain has been included on the

unex pe




(Puct ~~ we Poor

Ore. July 20

removed ine

wT) rip e

the = oa. wa

Last of 19 Climbers Taken Off Mt. Hood

tamer’ ater Ionre —_

aT Tanagpe —T oe eee reve the Tasos

Tem Pfan Zi. of Srovks. Ore. vas Cline ceaerty with five ore Shen be sew Oe wonepgrs [alum

“ST had @ jeckionifie and [ tried

dene and %e cut Gham apect” be eo

“They were 2c Ged chee & other and axuvameg kt wae just «@ Westy cee”

“T tied Ge auiury exe gr Wes Easiene) wieee iret were siking eat of the eoow” he ser, Sie Ged witle 1 Wied ~ eel ber out”

(nme of the eurvivers Judy Mar” of Queers V llage hotbed dewsm Lie moun, tenn Geapite 2 foarctared ankle

The beet of (he bared wae Lifted over




US. Backing

Is Asked for uez Board

Cargoes to Egypt In 2d Retaliatery Slap at Nasser

LONDON. July WD Prime Minister Anthony Eden announced to cheers m the House of Commons tedav Britam’s refusal to ac rept Egvets “unfettered ‘outret of the vital Suez Canal

He also announced ~ all British arms we Egypt

Immediately afterward ericam, UEritish and French hipiomats discussed moves wing @e Wile waeterwes under nfernational control There were reper’<« tke L normed Stetes and Eritein were balk m= a any idee of allowme

S rare

_ Saipmen >



Wellet Brands \asser “Second-Kate Hisler’ ef

pliam te assure free and <fi- cent use of the canal ty wortd sipping im peace and m war burl urging caution while

_ wexIng (o Maman a commen

tue neecee egeration Bieed pleeme ant apeiical supplies were “roped o giaces Four dates gee eergeary treat ment Ge Ghe iniueed tefore thes were tate? devo to Tim berime Letige ateur the &3,- out |= rae Lmuisgices Wen benk Them Ge Per led

tes bell can and bell oid Gewn the meunta & s«wreed word of the aurufieor Tle irs argatuset Qwp ww resc® tie —aer SS Tee a ef | 3(6etD mieees «ef Timieriae Loder red De Bearvieih ae Age Wien gure and eh oetructor

The ancuftiert was (le worst 1m thee beoers of Weunt Bead. one «of the acing ger areas m the Practice “Sortiewest. “are guess eerie cet on DA wie ene per oon wes let and gee were imjured sewvupesy Gp tie serth h Lcape

ryt :

gation. which “Is embedded association's itinerary.

into the pores of the people

“Four groups have already -

and cannot be eliminated over- climbed the mountain this sum-


To meet the requirements of itinerary.’

mer as part of their regular

said Moore. Me «


Dipiemats said the fir.t step under consideration invoived am ullimete wideummg of the discussions here to melude all the maritime countmes which use the canal most.

The goal for such negotie lene would be the estaninh- ment of an internation author: ty for the waterway hnking the Wediterranecan Sea with the Red Sea. Such 2 move would im effect. recognize Egypt « na nhenaligajion action and allow her te share im canal operation revenues.

The informants said Egypt would Ge invited t& take part im (hese wider talks.

Britain and the United States. however, want to keep Russia

CenstanUnople Cepven wands that ouow preg ee the canal whee lharrow « were lop Yervgen oe MS Maton ES 2 epem ta nations Wb Pea Loaded and thal the sur

and war


Presidential Aide to Push

Drop-N 1xon

ve fl (Campaign

| Says He Will Return

| Te White House “Team” Immediately After Convention

\ Thrigtt


be . By Robert C Ser Tew President Eisenhower ves- terday granted Hareld Stassen a 4week leave of absence, at Stassen’s own request that he be freed from his White House dutses to push his “dump-Nizes” campaign vithout uzvobving the Administration The months leave will beg Thursday. and will extend over the Republican Nations! Con vention


heorria od Preee

Sure. Seow after Stassen’s return te the Capital it was announced that be had been given « four-week leave of absence to pre mote bis “dump Nixen” drive.

Plans to Cut

Raerelé ©. Steen woers © Sena auile oe be ducks under the wing re igtt giane a NeGiens! Alrpert afer beet geerting will Presi¢dent Ewenthewer « the Goo wm Getter


ne will

Ihe Signs 26 Bille:

One jor Ist A-Ship

To Germans

Reductions to Be

Potomac Span W atis On Congress’ Return

By, Jor Lorthas


In Supply Ferces. Net Combat l nits By

eewn # Onmms-aler Cangpess convenes Tua?

iw? snd cepresentat Peteral ageumes agreed "tw ‘at aether attempt atusiict Dade 'y oftain spec!- fr Cangoewmonai approval for ® aa he southern Up uw sam before amy actual Vrs Iepus.

Fulure win such approval, sat, ogrobebiy would Jiarmery accent the

new autiterized plam te Suid he ortige across the Potomac aoe 2 ine wuld of Ge &

District gener | homer yesterdey a slam’ uen of the proposrd len avenue Drage o vei island


. Jape See

John G. \N@rTis The surpree Gevelopmmest “as announced by Murray Say r

L‘ssistant White Heese

or (cmMmeaco uw lee oF - 2 o.a -* vP< ams lp cS L nited



State ew Reo Yr Wext they : en srengtn neat twe vears. urs wi!

and support forces : from combat units

Such assurances learned yesterday te German military matic officers who high Pentagon and | ee partment officials over the weekend. The German rep resentatives sought the con suitations im the lig™ of re ports that the United States is weighing Seavy militar) manpower cuts Ddetween and 1960. :

Big manpower reductions 2) most certainly would mean withdrawing or stripping cown same of the \merican divisions in West Germany. Re perts of such @ possibile shift nm American military strategy have threatened to compuicate German plans to build a daw ision Army within the North Atlantic If y Urgan- zation.

Se concerned was West Ger man Chancellor Konrad Aden guer over this danger to Bis legislative program te rearm a somewhat reluctant Germany


n Europ


———S oe mer " come out ' pi at

Mr. Eisenhowers Getigp “burg (Pa) ieom . Stassen, whe lest Moender civen Urged Gos Chmstiian Herter of _ Massachusetis be somneted as Mr. Eisenhbower’s 1906 rex ning mate = bew of Viee Pres- dent Richard M. Nawem, ew back te Washington tellewung his conference wrth the Pres- dent and later issued ups stale ment “Il am pleased the Presigest has granted my request Ge Thursday, Aug. 2. I wall quake a further steabereeett abou oy conunuing endeavor te add t% the strengin of the Emenhower campaign and te Republican

See Staessen, Page Ti, Cal 6 Reds Reported Invading Burma

RANGOON. Burma Jaly 32 >. Several bundred armed

(Chinese Loman ireeps have crossed a 300-mile Stretck

36 Prisoners Use Sledzes to Break Own Legs

BLFORD. Ga. J mil Thirty4ix ‘Gnmaice Rove Quarry State Proween pree ther Tike suutiierty route grevie own iegs with ))-pound setige ose was aoorveved by Com hammers Tne gees Gur Federal agencies and against working condiluwn @ Demet «fimais agreed ‘ast the “Litthe Alcstras” of Ge = St 2 Hem over Roose- ou cee a ~ wet tie’ was desirable Geerfia State Prison Seem Punmng ance them has been Jack Forrester, State DUTT ,.cfpeueiy am wie Roosevelt tor at ‘onaa & iiaend gooyect. dector im ti os . had y Aeon mes Lewieietiom autherize the legs : amr giam weecifizally passed Sarnester anid ‘tthe Hieuee ip the leet dupe of and 2 Negre inn te onent Cangress. along with their unusual reve! fireenons ta make the span a

Laue ome

me o and diple tained

~ ae


ul ?

nerTre Yr

Loca. Tt


o e


Sewever- fe Senate Eillied iar wige crovises sand tf enngressional approval

aoe God ever Roasevelt

ie Te Seer) | OCU6haoe fee Gougit previous


A mbdassador

wee 11 Tempe a ier

cumag? os permit raising the auen quer Runseveit island.

ge meeting were

tte Fine

Vat onai

that he called his t the United States. Mainz L. Krekeler. home for consul tation. He alse sent the chief . of the military counci] of the

as among the most hardened wm arts

Georgie. Be sani the @ietier Cantal Paria “Satienal Capi emence hemumers which j(Ghee Geetied Pacing Commission and Gover ; recvushing Terk Zigipvay Department. ornscure Be said the men placed rum under their fetis and Sere

end “started whackeg ear” Baereneers Eifeetive Get. I

ere === $345 Million U. S. Retirement Bill May Be Signed by President Today

heeek dif Ge neler anesthe =

he Supreme Court integration called the fall that brought

ision, he said, Virginia “must death to Miss Kaufman an “wn- liminate the factor of race fortunate accident.” ntermixture and amalgamation Hoste! representatives Moare by resort to some other and Said, have flown to Oregon te different system within the . ramework of law.”

Asked jater by a reporter to Membership List Is Demanded ARLINGTON, Pg. 16, Col. 1

~ Alabama Judge Refuses te Set Aside $100,000 Fine Levied Agamst NAACP

| MONTGOMERY), Ale, July request aut Ge ater party be too late for a hearing bed ‘been cote? The etiter “ey camt bear & before

30 # The Alabama Supreme sees well have ' he , ta . We may as | Court refused today to grant party is the Sume of Alabama, denied and go to the

it an immediate stay of a $100,000 repr. .cxted by Aturmey Gomy ¢ Supreme Court.” Prank against the National Aeso- eral Jobs Paetteremm, wie emi. Beeves, of W asiingien,

lati. « for the Adwancement of June 1 ettanmed fren Joces a2 marked. Colored People

The fine was tevied bh Circuit Judge Walter & Jones for contempt of his cour by lure tw progace NAACP's went into

Within an hour after Jones far We mm had sejected an NAAC?’s re- oer quest to modify the fine, at-

to delay = while they askedthe .enganizaion _jora review of the contempt! ahem and ask for . findings

| But the Supreme Court jus obtaimed the stay tices said long-standing policy prev-nied their acting en the


, 2

West German armed forces. Lt. Gen. Adolf Heusinger. here

See TROOPS, Page §. Col 1

further inte Burma

Mr. Yates Sells Piano

wrong uniil they ordered om men beck tp work

77? é 3}

L The action, it was explained.\expect him te urge Crngrem will permit the employes to next year to take these ameng benefit from the more liberal other steps orevisions of the law, which Teo repeal the provides The President will sige Miowiti increase retirementsur-which will forbid

Rev geritags today. the bill to vivor benefits upwards of $345 OfSce fram gomudte major tew Federal em- million a year milien 2 year 1 w joge cetirementeurviver ben- The Commissions directive pay im retirement will affect only 40 employes. Ms operatiag Hie smust agurove tie legisia An average of 200 a month are Wednexiay midnight forced to retire at age 70. Hur effective am that dreds of others retire volun- dui Of be sigue it after that tarily. several will be effective The decision to allow the additional tepgay

new bill to become law is re- -grade

Service Commis- ported to have been made last by. a White House con- G0

' (Belutet Stary om Page

In | Day

gf Ti

“Wonderful results’ | placed 4 = = a want ad Friday and sold the revealed Mr = Leonard D. Yates Jr., Route 2 Box |'044, Vienna, Va.

You can sell anything faster ~—baby grand or music stand-— through The Washington Post and Times Herald-—reaching 382,000 - tarmulies daily, over 127.000 more families than ary other paper in town. Simply prore—

RE. 7-1234




Diano next day



iH i


THE WASHINGTON POST ond TIMES HERALD > Toesder, July 31, 1956




Bill for A-Power Ship Is Signed

GETTYSBURG. Pa. July Fl Presrie rt a score of

and kept

~ Suez

The President er tack te Washington Tues dae mecning after 2 jong week


slanning to

of the fi


surning last

the Sills

te agoreved authorize: M6.

million fer construction of the

worf’s first cficlear powered sup

Ancther measure signed into lew goves 2 go-ahead on a three soar Giianilicn ocrogram of Fede-al grants for nteip in con srurtiem ef health research fa cums

ie «2 statement on that bill “s rallied it “an im- orctant stew forward.” Sut said the sneaeure “is deficient in two uroe@rtant respects.”

Me said & “fails te provide aa ance for construction af ‘anistues for training of med cal grwentists, and the amoun's

P-esi cent

Fisenftower t

authorized are inadequate in hans wanda


a broader, $250

the President

the next Con

the. full re

- Wr Eisenhower us others sudmitted were flown from Washington by Gerald Morgan the President's special counse! Short! after returning to the White House, the President confer with Secretary of John Foster Dulles re- garding the Suez Canal crisis On Wednesday morning, Mr Eisenhower will hoid his first news conference since he wun- derwent abdominal surgery on June 9 he President is con- valescing from that operation In advance of tackling a bit o work at the farm today he got in_a little golf practice on the lawn in front of his home. His dectors wont permit a full round vet. but have let the President try some approach

will ~ ste


Daniel. Yarborough Ope

Texas’ Governor Race

DALLAS. Tex uly DD Sem Price Danie! and Raiph Yartersugt began their Demo ecatic camngaians for the lexas gree. orsitip today

Latest recorts of Saturday’: Decmeeratic orimary showed Dewiel whe says he will resign os Usited States Senator i commeted is leading Yar- boreug® Gy almost 152.000 torres.

of a ex sotes cast. Dente and Yarborough 441.74 ver Lowted States Senator and Tessas Gevernor, W. Lee O Dan ~ tad 2454

Tl wher candidates were

State \aw requires ne candidate


“ated 7 S20 000 had 393.556

a for


and Yaerbercug? wil be heid

sapperted Dwight D

» 1962 Secause De would tuudeland oi!

cre. ersor cet supoert Tense

Yarbercugh issued a skiing Deniel to whether Pe will = > o- euas to the Re subiices Party—as be did im i 2

Shivers. not a candidate for re election this year. Yarborough was supported by House Speak er’ Sam Rayburn, leader of the Texas Democratic faction that hacked Stevenson in 1952. Neither Rayburn nor Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Jonhn- son announced support for any randidate in Saturday's primary Both asked omy precinct renventions elect “good. loyal Democrats” to the county con- ventions Aug. 4 Johnson's sup- porters generally carried the >t meetings Saturday 1 the Shivers fac- ose fight. partic Fort

> that

Congressmen were © primary ex | Be who

was defeated by State District Judge John Young of Corpus Christ Former Lindley Beckworth of “2 eT vac G

J (clade nominated for the

VsOnitry Jeutenant Governor Ben Ramsey. also the retiring Tex as ‘National Democratic Com- mitteeman. was forced into a rune with State Sen \ NI Sikin Jr. a supporter of re.

i “8 trevicus ersueeteeFll Wiked school laws and

shemets of umeeat Gov. Allan

teachers salaries.

—— = —_—

Kenney io Run D. C. |

Harriman Campaign |

w Jebo Renner. 2 Washing fon lewver with a long record ~ Goverument service. was samed chairman yesterday of hue Barr ~"~AaA 7 © 2 Wh sae for Pree hient im eight “ees anc Ue Dastrwrs

Eeaney was @esuty flirector ef (> new Ge fueect Mutual Secunty Ad smetreties wien Harr? "rat was @rec- Kenney ter @uneg tke Truman Admin- Mtr? ss.


of 78 Kalorama Cir- aiso is former Assist- ant Secretary of the Navy and

Kenney cle nw

former chief of the Economic Cooperation Administration mission in Britain

He will direct the New York Governor s campaign in North Carolina, West Virginia, Vir- gota. Maryiand, Delaware Rhode Isiand, Pennsylvania. New Jersey and the District.

Kenney is a native of Okla- homa and practiced law in Los Angeles before coming

Washington. He is married and nas four children

Gor. Long Tests Strength Today In Louisiana J ote

SEW ORLEANS. July WF Gee. Earl Leng tests bis polit mel strecgih Tuesday when eGters seminafe 2 Senator. eqygrc Congressmen and severai leseer politica! efficiais im Me Demecratic Primary

Tie Gevernor seeks the de fear of Reo T. A. Thompson, wie refused to back Longs succesaful third term race for

: long announced be would support Themrgsen s three opponents in tine race for the «eat from the Tete Cengresstenal District

Sem Russell & Long. son of the inte Louisiane Sen. Huey PF. Lame and nephew of the Geverner. & unopoesed im is bi for = second term Also wzegpesed are Reps F Edward Metert. secking 2 ninth term ie the Ist District. and Edwin Willis of St. Wartinville. run mug foc ae Gf term im the District.

7S he & 2 ee He Se Oe eee

Mossadegh’s Release Scheduled for Sunday

TEHRAN, Iran, July 30 7— Mohammed Mossadegh, who nationalized the Angio-lranian nl Co.. in 1951. will released from prison Sunday, a security official said today

The frail old man who used his tears as a weapon to sway ms opponents. was jailed in December. 1953. by a military court which sentenced him for attempting to everthrow the

Government of the Shah. The

Shah reduced his sentence to three years


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Worth .


strict vacated by Rep. Brady *

——o~— : - feat

Jand conference. Dr

, :

Interior Serretary Fred A He , De

going on and alwert mate ‘hte ere eeturt te decisions when [| was &@ te = Oe ke: cemet White House He ti des” CSuremee SS geart Sesion. whe jomed = a : Cabin. t when Dougles Mckee + oe “3 resigned the Interser pest ge F-""Ges Ger 2 gee Asset enter the Oregon sensteriel Seoretery of Ge eee Ge race as a GOP candidste bas =? ond Wide aot cerrs 5 heen mentboned as @tire pres) "8? Sees Tareeus—orm Sor dential prospect shoeld Ge Omer! Seg est oe ie Presi @er Ser sperts See act

Tafed Pes

With the Republican National Convention coming up shert ly in San Francisco, many cars in that city are sporting “Ike 1956” stickers, duplicating the coler and format of the California license plates.

- ———

Presidemt hes sor whoever the Presigert & Ser” bet @ Gee cing Gc Gee Dee cee ie peste TLuA wes bo a8


President’s Doctors Are Criticized For ‘Inadequa te’ Reports to Public

hts = eae Gece aot “= Gee dusseaw wth a2 rape of able ammeart of sours


sac 4 32 Sie Ss ew og Ls sae


BOSTON, July 30 ®—Dr.! Dr. Rutstein said “an op méxsinn ts David B. Rutstein questions if timistic picture of the Presi- “27O™=™ | _ 2 magazine article whether recuTTence \arring i andl Syweagtre Wes Beare Ww

ent's life-expectancy followmg - - « the American public is prop- on we - third and tee thirds ef 2S eoeet conte Or oe

CIT ye

was given br Gor

erly informed recovery whom operation & DewrecrSuc secunt flare nem tors attending him

by medical TIT --Rune 3 men who care said it would seem that ‘wer —— —_— our Presi- was “al variance with ihe PUD the pivewian to a Pres@em or Parts ta Ce Treo —_— ay dents when lic scientific candidate. showld teferm fom inet. sees they are Dr. Rutstein said that when if the Gemands of te office f oreng= Pains Fsews stricken il! the doctors announced in Feb exceed his phesical copect:

He is head of ruary “the President should be if the petient acrpied th . il Harvard Medi- able to carry on an active ite advice, his beelth would Ge ooo aw cal Schools satisfactorily for another 5 t0 tected and the cowstry would geceies pallies plesk of 2 ee Department of 10 years” the President had “no not be called upon te conte ng of Ge Deweeretec Sete Preventive choice on medical grounds of » office or choose 2 Prem@et® Cemertear: siediers coo Medicine, and Dr. Rutstein refusing to run for reelection.” whe was oot well euough Seaee & Ciicege geet werk a vice presi- In connection with President sere is eueeeecies SE Toe dent of the American Heart Eisenhower's operation for inm- “If the patient refeee@ the woalld tect: Beo Joe FE Association testinal obstruction leitis— e@vice. the phosicien would Cocmeck GO iee) Caress

Dr. Rutstein has previously Dr. Rutstein said that within then heve te fer=e the greece Ge Paes Commies publicly indicated he feels hours after the operation the the wired sad thet be bees of “Sr cee some interpretive reports on doctors were out with a state-< > Gi ehe = Setter qeaitet o coe the outiook for President ment. He said they “appar; menor bo diecuee

os on and he serformed

yr Rutsiein suceesis

* Lm. for

nforma?t ~~

r Thy

eeaeeau ownem


it ba "0g

ree ge?

* i

ihyoun* dy

‘Part-Time’ Charge [party Tabulation Has Against Ike Decried |Sterenson Leading

2 lll



Ris © ae

oo « wl Mood OY wo

. on Bw OF


. 4 wi ss

Bus a we 4


at |


iy Heatift!


Eisenhower's health after his ently were perfectly willing attack, and again aftereven before the immediste “But @ his petient were atic intestinal operation, were effects of the operation were out of line with scientific medi- known. to issue a statement cal literature on the diseases. acsuring the country that the Informed of Dr. Rutstein’s Presidents health would in ne article. White Hiouse Prec« Sex way prevent from carry ing ‘retary Hagerty said out his previous plans

nim James COM Men’ Tr

they give any safercuerécd

McClellan (D- im

Subcommittee chatr- i _

man, was en route te Het some of his cose Sies te Ge

Springs, Ark. and could not be Subcommitice aft 2 closed ace reached. Also out of town was sion June 2

Robert F. Kennedy, Subcom At a public bearing i Map

mittee counse! Chotimer testified he Rad

The Subcommittee Demesought White Hou beep & crats voted July 20 te give Mc. arranging inguelrers for SS ar

Clellan authority to call the line clients bDefere Ge Cad

there would be no comment on tic Monthiy, on “Doctors and Politics Dr Rutstein su - gests that the proper role for 2 doctor caring for a President OGL OL CNOiner } cand te cal facts and their precise in L\erpretations “If the physician goes beyond stein. “He becomes just an or- **™?4y om when the Senate In voted “present” dinary citizen subject go politi-vestigating Subcommiticee Chotieer. 0 Bevery Ee. : 7 " . o u@hcés ‘in a Geld inpould jold its longanticipated Call’. attorney aided ie the ments by physicians have as tivities of Murray M. Chot-(then California Govermer) Eat little merit as medical judg-imer, Vice President Richard Warren and Sen Willem F ments by politicians on the M Nixon's 1852 campaign Knowland (Call) Be tesk Dr. Rutstein says the Ameri- er a ==" Ings would not be h untul . can public has fallen short of ~ September at Ngee me, Vice Presidents Closest au : st . . ; * -* . : aa > = : getting the best information in this could not be con. <istes lin Delano Roosevelt “The occurrence of severe ilimness in three Presidents of the important question of the responsibility to the public of the physicians attending the Dr. Rutstein concedes news about Preesident Eisen- ——_——_—_____ howers heart attack was -

by the Presidents doctors nr s president a 4 idida = B S U , U " y Senate Unit Uncertam 7. this paint. he then ceases to which he Bas no expert quali. public hearings on the iegel campasicns of Chie? Justice : a : > - ability of a candidate to run ..snacer over-all charge of Xrunn's cam ilinesses of two previous the United States within a pe President,” comments Dr. Rut- handied in a strikingly differ- at our new store—6%65 15th St

that Bearings whenever he chase Aeronautics Board _ .

Writing in the August Atlan

should be to stick to the medi Capitol Hill was silent yes Republican members merely

be an expert,” writes Dr. Rut - , - fications . .. Political judg- a : for office Speculation had it the hear-nsien and became one of the Presidents—Wilson and Frank riod of some 40 years raises SLOIN. ent way,” than the story of the! ilinesses of Presidents Wilson and Roosevelt. News bulletins| Rutstein| said, “gave the appearance off a full disclosure of al! pertin-| ent medical information /

But he said “the public was! net informed of the published scientific evidence” on the out- look for patients suffering such attacks. )

Dr. Rutstetn sald the public) was not told about three re- searches which showed “the 3) year survival] rate of such pa- tients was approximately 50

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sy 2


McKeon Pal Tells of Vodka

By Albon B Saf?

PARRITS ISLAND C.. July 3—A rugged Marine buddy of S/Set. Matthew McKeon tid 2 general yurt-martial panel today e rustied up the Bottle of vodka from which he ana McKeon dra McKeon recruits by drowning in n Creek last April



Hailey Reporter



°@ Cc


nk before

lost six


te<t came from Eivwyvn BB. Scarborougn Lynchburg. S. ( first witness called Me tal entered third re a uury” of six ers and one Navy



35S ts


Marine qa@ortor

The leatherty-red-faced for- mer senior rifle range coach ef the ill-fated Platoon 71 testi- fied he brought the vodka inte

Scarborough THe witness stand ehie= defense coun Zoiar Berman's femme gun was silenced

be oe ¢

was e}


impassioned pleg by Be: r dismissal of three ‘fharges neZi gent

and 2 York con nk

ry :

e nf


Ut Scarborougn

e<tImMmonv raoniK eune mud

eon tfalls sud over


of. cov water up the bank water 28

surgron non June e night ary march into

ex Vrkeon was ne hed nerves in hits eg from a slipped ind could have

vhile jead-


1 beading the march Mc- vag carry ng out routine; “eit training practices to’ ade bus “laggard” p!atoon dis oie and that he ae

his recrwi


2? > i}

"ults ao any- al he actually didn't do him-

Set fa contesting Berman's mo- me today. Maj. Charlies B : trial counse!. charged af McKeon « statement re@iiy im evidence gave edi- n@e be led the march know- g @here were non-swimmers 7L “Toe take gonm-ewimmers, raw, frained recruits, into wun- powm waters ewer their heads culpable negligence almost @ point ef wanton negli nee.” Sevier told the court “eon is expected to take Sand in own defense @day. probadiy the after



- drink to Set

no time .

-* > > al > > al >

Asoex sn cet Pore

Staff Sct. Matthew C. MeKicon (right) chats =ith tee © nesses whe testitfied fer the d@efeuse at Melicon’s trial yesterday. They are Staff Sct. Elere B. Scarbereagh (icf)

from the “hard


- Seeping on mn the brig

and Warrant Officer Lesiie E. Velie

McKeon was .

McKeon gure -


ne wee

released from the brig last May .

and placed under i@mile re- striction around the base

McKeon sat ramrod straight sic chair staring into appar nothingness as fh {mend admitted owner ship of the vodka bottic. intro duced into the trial by the de fense

Scarborough said he dropped im on McKeon about 11 or 11-30 a. m. on that April 8 Sunday looking for something to ease the pangs of a tlalion party




" gee

he had attended the previous .


McKeon was on ? when | walked im and the door Scarborough iGentifying the room as drill imstructors quarters

The general talk was about the shooting of the platoon marksmanship. and how could make it better.” he admitting under prompting 0s Berman that doing too well

“Il asked McKeon if any (liquor) and he said, “no | don't keep it in the barracks

“I said needed one (a drink) and that | knew where there was one uf McKeon would drivé me over tw get i.”

Scarborough testified MeKeon drove him to barracks 706 where be was quartered and he picked up a bottle. Mc eon drove back to 761 and Scarborough said. he. Scar borough, carried the bottie—a